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I write about California and Italy, climate change and migration, politics and poverty,  history and art.  When I alternate research with my life experiences, the resulting ironies are not accidental.

“I don’t write for readers; I write to find out what I think,” said my friend, indignantly, as is her way. I was surprised to find that I agreed with her. But after I write about war in Syria, floods in Venice, fires in California, carp ponds, assault rifles, the planetary pandemic–of course I do care very much about readers.



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  1. Dan Slobin says:

    Thank you Frances – I’ve been missing your keen sense of wisdom laced with irony (or is it the other way around?). Only you could have found a way to play with the two Antiochs, appropriately illustrated. Please keep writing – for yourself, of course, but also for us. Dan


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