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A while ago, before so many newspapers died, I wrote a column, called “Bearings,” on whatever came to mind that week. Deadlines do focus the mind, even mine.   

After my newspaper closed down, I wrote a cheerful novel about—what else?—a failing newspaper, with subplots involving adultery, espionage, homelessness, and the pretenses of food & academe. It was published with friendly reviews, and I started a sequel. . .but I really missed writing that column.      

“I don’t write for readers; I write to find out what I think,” said a friend of mine, indignantly, as is her way.  I was surprised to find that I agreed with her.  But in my corner of the blogosphere, after I sort out what I think, about the Middle East, carp ponds, Syrian hamsters, drought, guns–of course  I do care very much who reads it.




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